Our Practice

At Blue Ridge Eye Care Associates... Our Focus is You!

Our practice is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive eye care available to each and every patient. We believe our patients are our friends and that our relationship will last a lifetime.

Our mission statement is:

  • To provide the most technologically advanced and comprehensive eye health care. This will allow us to detect ocular disease at an early stage, maintain our patients ocular health, and improve our patient's quality of life.
  • To practice the highest ethical standards and always continue our education to provide the most advanced care available.
  • To provide superior service and to offer the finest quality and value in eyewear and contact lenses.
  • To meet our patient's needs in a timely fashion, treating each with courtesy, respect, and fairness.

We know it's important to be thorough. That's why our practice offers a comprehensive eye examination that will uncover hidden, symptomless, potentially sight threatening eye disorders and diseases that are not found by a simple vision screening.

Since the eyes are a part of the body, they can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions. We must know about your general health and your medication including non-prescription medication prior to treatment.

We accept insurance and file your insurance claims. We also accept Medicare assignment